Jetbus 2 High Decker

Quality, technology and high aesthetics is a unity that can not be separated

After the non-HD variant Jetbus success in the market. Then Adi Putro create another new variant, namely Jetbus HD. HD which means High Deck, so the bus body is higher than in non-HD with an interesting light model and solid body.


Body Panel
Galvanized Steel
Laminated Glass
Side Windows
Tempered Fixed Glass
Front Door
Swing / Sliding Manual / Pneumatic Plug
Rear Door
Swing / Sliding Manual / Pneumatic Plug
Driver Door
Without Door (Optimal Driver Door)
Body Dimension
Length : 12800 mm,
Width : 2500 mm,
Height : 3820 mm
Tarabus Flooring
Optimal Seating Capacity
Entertainment System
Video System
Up To 32" LCD TV
Audio System
DVD Player + 8 Speakers
Safety Features
Emergency Door
Safety Hammer
Fire Extinguisher

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